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Chapter 2

Ovan's POV

We finally arrived at the site on Snowy Mountain. We came here to do some research on a certain type of wolf, The White Snow Wolves. These wolves are hard to find and that's why there's not much about these creatures and they are very misunderstood.

"Professor Indou!" another professor called out.

I turned to face him. His name is Toko Moroo, he's also a professor at the same research facility.

"What is it, Moroo?"

"We've got everything set up and we're about ready to head out to find the wolves."

"Good. Let's head back and get ready." I said as I headed back to camp with Moroo on my heels.

We've walked for what felt like hours and still no sign of the wolves anywhere. I then felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked.

"Professor Indou. Why don't we stop and take a break for a bit."

I nodded and dusted the snow off a stump and sat down and so did the others.

I pulled out my journal and started writing in it,

Feb. 17, 2017

Me and my research team are on Snowy Mountain in search of the rarely seen The White Snow Wolves, but alas, not a single trace of them anywhere-

I looked up from my journal and saw my team leaving. I closed my journal and stood up,

"Where are you going?"

Moroo turned around,

"Back to camp. It's getting late, Professor."

I looked at the time on my phone, 6:50 pm,

"You can go on ahead, I'll continue the search."

"Okay, Professor. Be careful!"

I nod and they head back to camp and I continue on.

As I walked, I looked around and took notes of anything that might lead me to the wolves.

But all of a sudden my world was turned up-side down. I looked at what was holding me, it was a rope. I reached to free myself, but then I saw something in the corner of my eye and before I could react, a loud thud rang in my head as my world went black.

I slowly woke to the sound of a small stream trickling through rocks. As I regained my vision, I looked around at my surroundings. I saw the small stream, fresh spring water running through what looks like a man made trench in the rock floor. I tried to move, but I came to discover that I'm tied up. Then I heard foot steps and I almost couldn't believe my eyes until it kicked me in the stomach. I pulled my knees to my chest to avoid another blow. It then walked off and sat down and started building a fire. But I still couldn't believe it. It was a young man with green-blonde hair, a green goatee, abnormally bright blue eyes, and wearing White Snow Wolf furs for clothes. He turned around and looked at me with those abnormal bright blue eyes, it felt like they were piercing through me, trying to read me like a book. Then he came closer to me, then he sets me up straight, then he gently slid his hands from me chin to my cheeks, then to my forehead, pushing the my bangs away. Then he did something I didn't expect to happen. He licked my forehead. He looked at me for a moment, then he went back to his fire and ignored me.

I looked around, this young man has made himself at home here in this cave. He has a bed made of animal furs, fresh drinking water, and warm clothing

Amazing, but how did he get out here? I wonder if he can still speak.

I watched him for a moment, then I decided to try and communicate with him.


He turned to me real quick and watched me. So I spoke again,

"What is your name?"

He slowly moves closer as if stocking his prey. Then he get to me and sits on his legs and speaks,

"Why do you care? You're going to die when my mother arrives."

"Your mother?"

"Yes, she's the pack leader."

"But how did you get out here?" I asked, before he back handed me.


I stayed silent. Then he went back and sat down by his fire.
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